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Scottish People Twitter

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This sub features social media posts written either partially or fully in Scots:

you kin read mair aboot it here

Posting guidelines

  • Aw forms a scots patter are sound

  • Dinnae post personal info, yers or ithers.

  • Link tae images directly. This makes browsing easier fur cunts usin` RES or thro' a mobile.

  • Dinnae mention upvotes in yer post. Nae "upvote in..." or " upvote if..." type titles or memes.

  • Nae re-posting. Common reposts or reposts wi`in 2 months wull be lifted at moderator discretion.

  • If yer no scottish try an no pretend ye are. Cunts pretending tae be scottish are usually heavily downvoted.

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