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News and current events in or about Seattle, WA, USA

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News and current events in & around Seattle, Washington, USA.

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Please read the FAQ's!


Events planned by Redditors for Redditors to meet in person. Please create a self post and then message the moderators.


  1. Be good: No verbal attacks, and no hate speech. Violators will be warned or banned at moderator discretion.

  2. Follow reddiquette.

  3. Missing person/pet/property posts have specific requirements. Please reference requirements here

  4. Post classified ads in /r/SeaList and job offerings in /r/SeaJobs.

  5. Utilize the weekly stickied topic: Please post non-reddit events and other happenings as comments in these threads rather than making a new posts.

  6. Please flair your posts : Please select an appropriate flair for your submissions.

More information on the /r/Seattle rules wiki page.


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