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A resource for the purpose of creating, critiquing, and spreading information regarding the usage of strategies, tactics, and resources in order to minimize arrests, injuries, and police obstruction of actions; ranging from communications, organization, transportation, defensive and offensive tactics, as well as escape from or confrontation of violence and arrest.

This is a place for the discussion of Security Culture and as such, the ethics of content may be debatable. There are plenty of examples of good and bad security culture from groups you may rightfully disagree with completely, that doesn't mean they're necessarily wrong to post. The extremist right and extremist left are responsible for the majority of examples extreme actions, it's fine to debate the ethics of the actions involved but try to keep in mind that we are discussing security as it pertains to all activists.

This sub is not intended to necessarily be exclusive, but the words Security Culture are most used in the context of leftist organizing and actions.

If you have stories of informants, failures or successes that you would like to submit to this sub but would prefer to do so without associating it to your reddit username, please email them to me at There will be more information provided shortly on how methods of anonymous communication.


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