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This is a 18+ subreddit and all posts stating that the poster is underage will be removed.

Take a look at our wiki for a quick guide on sex toys!!!


  • Your price range

  • A size range ("small" and "big" are not enough)

  • Your country location

  • Tell us what you've previously tried and if/why it worked or did not work for you.


  1. Feel free to ask questions and give your impressions of any/all toys, but please remember that we do not promote unsafe sex toys here. We support the Boycott Toxic Toys movement. If a sex toy is potentially toxic or very porous, please don't recommend it unless there are no other safe options.

  2. When recommending products, please ensure that your links bring the user to a specific toy recommendation, not a site section or landing page, etc. The mods don't have time to verify that your entire link consists of safe toys. Exceptions may be made at moderator discretion for "known safe" sites, searches, sections, etc.

  3. Advertising posts are only allowed in the Weekly Deals Post. If the sole purpose of your post is to link us to your product/store, it will be removed.

  4. No nudity or porn is allowed here. Do not link to porn, we won't watch it to help you name that sex toy. (Don't tell us which video to go watch, either.) Screenshot it and blur out the nudity. Pictures of your sex toy, or sex toy collection (not being used) and linked within the text area, are fine as long as the purpose is to have discussions about them. Pornographic written selections are also generally disallowed.

  5. We do allow "For Sale" posts of non-porous toys only. If you are making a post to sell a toy, please include:

  6. A photo of the toy with your username and the date written on a piece of paper to serve as proof of you actually having the toy
  7. The country you are located in, and what form of payment and currency you accept
  8. Whether the price includes shipping or if shipping is extra; which countries you are willing to ship to
  9. Condition of the toy and how it was used
  10. Whether you are smoke, pet and disease free
  11. Flair your post once you have posted it
  12. Please do not constantly make for sale posts if your item doesn't sell. You are allowed to make a repost with a new time-stamped photo every 30 days.

If these requirements aren't met, your post will be removed.

  1. Absolutely no hate-speak, derogatory or disrespectful comments will be tolerated. This includes sexist and rape jokes. In short, don't be a dick, don't be a creepy creep, do try not to be immature. Sex can be funny, and we want you to have fun, but there is a line somewhere.

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