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Sex with dogs

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For all your dog porn needs.

Couple rules I think most of us can agree on.

  1. No zoosadism. Any cruelty towards or abuse of animals is not allowed. There is no place for such anywhere, absolutely no exception.

  2. Please report all abusive comments. Abusive and derogatory comments will not be tolerated. They will be removed and the users banned. Comments receiving 2+ reports will be removed automatically.

  3. The submission (excluding text-posts) must have a dog in it. Seems obvious but a submit videos/pictures without it (such as women doing "doggy style" with a human male, and nothing else)

  4. No direct links to 4chan. Nothing against 4chan, but those links are static- once the thread over there dies we can't access the content anymore. Take a screenshot or upload pictures to imgur.

Zoophilia and the Law in the United States

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