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Sexy and Artistic Pics of Models, Women, and Whatever Else Can Be Deemed "Sexy".

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Content is intended to be erotic but not explicit. If you ask "how is this not porn?", you will be banned.

Guidelines for appropriate content

  • r/SexyButNotPorn is for well-composed and artistic images. Candids and "self-shots" are better suited elsewhere. No OC! Please also refrain from run-of-the-mill shots (e.g. Playboy).

  • No "porn". Porn, here, is any graphic image including, but not limited to, genitalia, visible penetration, or other explicit sex acts.

  • No videos, no albums.

  • Direct links to images only. When using Imgur, simply right-click the image, select "Open in a new tab" or "View Image", and submit that URL.

  • Posts that are submitted to more than one other subreddit will be removed and users may be banned.

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