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Shadowverse Game Discussion!

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This is the subreddit for all discussion regarding the card game: Shadowverse.

Created by Cygames.

This subreddit allows Shadowverse content from any language to be posted. Not everyone speaks English as a first language.

Card Calling: Say !Card Name in a comment to call a card from it's Shadowverse Portal page!

(Ex: !sammy will call "Sammy, Wizard's Apprentice" from the Shadowverse Portal so you can read what the card does. May take up to one minute for response.)

This has been discontinued, but it still works with Standard cards.

Content Control: Posts that fit these descriptions will be removed automatically.


  • No Bullying/Trolling
  • No Harassment
  • No Other Games
  • No Politics
  • Tag your NSFW
  • Use the Question Thread.
  • Flair your posts
  • Don't post pack openings
  • Use the Reroll Thread.

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