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Share your custom ME:A characters!

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Share your Mass Effect: Andromeda character creations here!


All rules are subject to moderator discretion. If you have a question about a removal, please message the mods via ModMail. Please check the front page for any announcements that may affect rules.

  1. Your post must contain images of your custom character (i.e. your player character, Alec Ryder, or either of the twins). Only one Ryder + family is allowed per thread.

  2. You must flair your post with the appropriate tag. If you are posting a celebrity likeness, you must include the celebrity's name in the title.

  3. Mass Effect Archives links or Character Creation Sliders are required. You must include a preset tag in the title like so: [PRESET #]. Replace # with the number of the preset you used (1-9). Posts will be given a ~20 minute grace period to post an Archives link or CC Sliders before removal.

  4. Default-appearance Ryders are not allowed. You must have at least one custom Ryder in your post. If you have a custom name for your Ryder as well, feel free to include it. You may also include profiles of your Ryder, headcanons, or class choices in the discussion.

  5. If you are posting work that is not yours, you must credit the source and/or original author.

  6. No harassment, flaming, discrimination, unsolicited sexual commentary, or incitement of illegal activity.

  7. Absolutely no spoilers in any capacity.

  8. Only use this subreddit for posting and discussing your Mass Effect: Andromeda characters. Discussion of the story or plot elements is discouraged, and should only be mentioned when explicitly relevant to your choices in character creation with a spoiler warning. Visit /r/MassEffect for story & plot discussion.

  9. No memes, macros, low-effort posts, or posts created only for ranting.

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