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Discussion on BBC's Sherlock

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This subreddit is for discussions on Sherlock, a British television series that was created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.


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  1. Do not include any spoilers in your title.

  2. If there is a spoiler in the text or link of your post, please indicate so in the title, or add a spoiler tag.

  3. If your comment includes a spoiler and is in a none-spoiler post, please use a spoiler tag.

  4. Do not post pictures of the filming of future episodes.

  5. No memes or reaction gifs are allowed.

  6. Please post all fanfiction/johnlock content within either the fanfiction megathread, or the fanfiction subreddit and johnlock subreddit.

  7. Use common sense. Harassing or otherwise inciting violence is against the rules.

  8. Absolutely no piracy or circumventing region restrictions discussion.


  • Please be kind and do not spoil anything for others.

  • Post-episode discussion threads do not require spoiler text to be used except when discussing future episodes.

  • Only time spoilers are allowed is if you mark your post with the episode number and use a [Spoiler] tag in your title.

  • If referencing an episode, please place episode number in the title.

If your comment includes a spoiler, please use the spoiler format:

[Moriarty was real!](/spoiler)

This will come out as: Moriarty was real!

Episode Discussions

These are shown in chronological order.

Series 1

> Ep. #| Title ---|---- 1.1 | A Study in Pink 1.2 | The Blind Banker 1.3 | The Great Game

Series 2

> Ep. #| Title ---|---- 2.1 | A Scandal in Belgravia 2.2 | The Hounds of Baskerville 2.3 | The Reichenbach Fall

Series 3

> Ep. #| Title ---|---- 3.0 | Many Happy Returns (Short) 3.1 | The Empty Hearse 3.2 | The Sign of Three 3.3 | His Last Vow


> Year | Title ---|---- 2016 | The Abominable Bride

Series 4

> Ep. #| Title ---|---- 4.1 | The Six Thatchers 4.2 | The Lying Detective 4.3 | The Final Problem

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