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Show & Trade Your Shinies!

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/r/ShinyPokemon is a collection of all the great shinies trainers have collected. Whether it be by random encounters or trying to find that perfect shiny Pokémon on purpose, we welcome you to show off your beautiful Pokémon and set up trades!

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Sub Rules

  • Please tag any content related to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as a "spoiler".
  • Respect everyone. Do not discriminate against any user or use vulgar language.
  • Do not post other people's shiny content. This includes and isn't limited to: videos, pictures and streams. Art work must be correctly credited.
  • Please keep content relevant and clear. Make sure that we can see your shiny finds in pictures and videos.
  • Ask questions in the pinned Questions & Help thread. Consult the FAQ/wiki before asking questions.

Trading & Giveaways

  • When offering a Pokémon, you must provide: Perfect IVs, Nature, OT, ID, Level, and Method obtained.
  • Do not trade or offer Pokémon through PMs.
  • Do not offer or request cloning or hacking services.
  • Trades must be within Pokémon games. No trading for real objects, currency, or services.

Subreddit Links

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