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All the worst from the world's most dangerous sex and relationship advice

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Welcome to ShitCosmoSays!

Here we're looking for the very best of the worst advice out there. We want the weirdest, most bizarre, dangerous or scary pictures or comments in relation to sex or relationships, from anywhere. There will be the worst from Cosmo every month, plus from their online community.

Any other terrible advice is welcome.

For Cosmo and Fairly Odd Parents head to r/ShittherealCosmosays.


  1. Submissions can be from anywhere, provided the advice is terrible, or hilarious.

  2. Please say in the title where you found the terrible advice. But please do not link to their website, we'd prefer screen caps only. This is so terrible advice spreaders don't actually profit from views or advertising. Some of these include Cosmo, Marie Claire, Men's Health and Buzzfeed

  3. Have fun! Feel free to message the mods.

  4. Any sex positions or diagrams should have a NSFW tag.

You MAY post:

  • Any horrible sex/relationship advice you find around the internet.
  • Heck, any horrible advice that you might find in Cosmo (especially if it unwittingly demeans women/LGBT people) is perfect.
  • Articles talking about Cosmo's irrationality, such as this one. These can foster a discussion about how horrible the magazine is without falling into the "may not" category below.

You MAY NOT post:

  • Anything from any of the sites linked below. These are parody/satire sites -- the point of this subreddit is for us to make fun of actual advice.
  • Links to the websites themselves, if you're posting horrible advice. This is mentioned above, but it bears repeating because we do not want to give these websites pageviews they don't deserve.

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