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Coming for your freeze peach and your toothbrushes, one whitey at a time

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Someone told you that Scandinavian nations were socialist? Obama's the best thing since FDR? Clinton introduced prosperity for all? New Labour are champions of "the middle class"? Well this is the place for you! We're here to poke some light-hearted fun at the liberal agenda, mainly from a far left perspective.

Rules to avoid Gulag:

  1. The easiest way to find yourself in Siberia is to interrupt the jerk. Don't do it. Don't defend the linked comments. Don't whatabout. Don't create unnecessary drama and arguments between your fellow leftists. This is your warning.

  2. No use of slurs, ironically or otherwise. No brocialism. And no promotion of reactionary or liberal ideology.

  3. This is a communist sub, including Anarchists, no needless sectarianism. We're all here to make fun of liberals.

  4. No links to leftist subreddits. For blatant apologia and brocialism, take a screenshot and do not mention where it came from.

  5. No questions, try /r/socialism_101 instead. See this thread for debunking EnoughCommieSpam's master post. The usual liberal takes on socialism are addressed in the wiki.

  6. [META] posts should be handled through the mod team.

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