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> 1. Do not link to a comment thread where you are a participant. Doing so will result in an immediate ban. > > 2. All submissions must highlight bad political commentary on reddit (from any subreddit, except SPS itself). > > 3. Do not vote or comment in linked threads. Advocating for brigading will result in a ban. > > 4. Only links to specific comments, threads or text posts. No "this entire comment section" links. > > 5. Use accurate and informative titles that include the format "Quote" [+Score]. > > 6. No simple screenshots of comments/posts. When possible, use direct or archive links instead. > >7. Limit submissions to comments which are highly upvoted and/or highly supported. > > 8. Try to be somewhat civil. No promoting nazism, racial or ethnic hatred.

In addition to reporting through Reddit, please tip all calls to crime or admissions of crime, especially violent crime, to the FBI here:

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