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This isn't a completely serious historical sub. High effort submissions, while welcome and encouraged, are not mandatory.

Questions about the history, technology, or tactics of WW2 should be directed to /r/WarCollege or /r/AskHistorians.


  1. Vote brigading is prohibited. Don't link to comment chains that you've heavily participated in, don't invite people to downvote any linked comments, and do not comment in linked threads. It's not our goal to fight for justice in WW2 historiography on reddit but merely to entertain ourselves.

  2. In line with rule #1, links must contain the np prefix for non-participation ( Those that do not will be removed automatically by the AutoModerator and you will have to resubmit your thread or have your reply reapproved by a moderator.

  3. No "low hanging fruit." This means white rights and neo-Nazi subreddits or websites, including /r/European and /r/conspiracy, and also submissions where YouTube or Imgur comments are the main focus. Posts consisting of nothing but holocaust denial are also prohibited. All the material prohibited by this rule can be submitted in the weekly Low Hanging Fruit sticky.

  4. No pro-atrocity counter-jerking. That is no praise of, or excuses for: Stalin, the USSR as a system, genuine war crimes committed by the allies (mass rapes, Japanese internment, Soviet invasion/occupation of Poland and the Baltic states, etc.), as well as no mocking of the victims of any of the aforementioned, or expressing any satisfaction at all with civilians, in Axis countries or otherwise, being unfairly victimized, under any circumstance.

  5. No concern trolling or whiny meta posts/comments about our supposed love of allied mass rape and execution of Japanese prisoners because you cherry-picked a few comments with two upvotes that no one bothered to report. If you see someone defending allied war crimes, report it to the moderators to be removed under rule #4. If you don't report them, we can't remove them. If the comment wasn't removed, you probably missed the context; tu quoque is the wehraboo's most potent weapon, and criticizing the mention of allied crimes in topics about Nazis is absolutely valid SWS content.

  6. The use of slurs will not be permitted. If you wouldn't say it at work or in school, don't say it in here.

  7. Threads must have some attempt at explaining what is Wehraboo and why, or risk deletion by annoyed janitors.

  8. Bans will only be issued on the basis of what a user has posted in SWS. A user's posting habits in other subreddits will play no role in how they are treated by moderators here.

  9. Political discussion outside the strict context of the subreddit will not be tolerated. Calling for purges of people you don't like will not be tolerated.

What's a Wehraboo?

For the sub's purposes a Wehraboo is defined as someone with an exaggerated or sanitized view of Nazi Germany's accomplishments or conduct before and during WW2. This could be:

  • An overly generous take on Nazi Germany's military, such as "10 Shermans to 1 Panther," "astonishing Nazi scientists advanced human civilization by a century," vaguely homoerotic obsession with dashing German soldiers in their Hugo Boss™ uniforms, and downplaying of major faults with the German military's tactics, strategy, and technology or offering excuses for its failures ("if only Hitler listened to his generals").

  • Whitewashing or downplaying the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Wehrmacht and SS in the field, as well as tu quoque arguments to establish false moral equivalency between allied war crimes and the holocaust ("Babi Yar was bad, but the allies bombed Dresden, so everyone's guilty!")

  • Exaggerating the accomplishments of the Nazis and Hitler as government administrators, i.e. Hitler miraculously fixed the economy, the Nazis discouraged smoking, the Nazis believed in animal rights, Nazis eliminated crime, etc.

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Standard places to mine material:

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Other stuff:

Wehraboo testimonials

"Holy shit, that sub is hilarious. All the self-righteousness and hatred of SRS, but focused on an even more obscure and less real thing to bitch about."

"That sub is fucking disgusting. They are mocking the deaths of innocent Germans."

"Jesus, so acknowledging that Nazi Germany had some advanced technology and was a super power now qualifies for that sub? It's a known fact that a lot of German technology was far superior than the rest of the world"

"Humanization of combatants? Brace yourself for /r/ShitWehraboosSay you evil nazi!"

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