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For all your 100% true and accurate facts about animals!

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Rule #1: Only the shittiest facts allowed. If your post ends up being correct you are instantly banned. No exceptions!

Rule #2: No YouTube. Post an image or a gif. Because mods are tired of removing spam.

Rule #3: No douchebaggery. Mods will ban at will. Or even just for funsies. Consider this your final warning.

Rule #4: Only shitty users repost. You can title something literally anything you want (so long as it's not true) so you really have to be a lazy piece of shit to repost an existing shitty fact. It's not forbidden, but if you choose to repost, expect a public shaming for your shitty behavior, you shit head.

See a comment from someone who doesn't realize what sub they're in? Post it to /r/shittieranimalfacts!

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