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This is a sidebar, I think.

Should there be some rules, or something?

I'm pretty new here.

~~Fuck it, subreddits with rules enforced by mods are total bullshit anyways.~~ WE GOT RULEZ NOW BITCHEZ.


  • Maek sur u hav a reszluton in brakts.

  • Don forgt 2 post shty stuff

  • Do nt kweston mod desishinz we r perfct we rserve rite 2 remv ur shty posts

  • /r/EarthPorn
  • /r/FWEPP
  • /r/PornOverlords
  • /r/ShittyHub
  • /r/ShittyQuotesPorn
  • /r/shittyfoodporn
  • /r/shittyfifthworldpics
  • /r/ShittyBuildingPorn
  • /r/shittybeerwithaview

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