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Shoplifting: Let's talk about stealing shit, but never actually steal shit, bcos illegal

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Welcome to Shoplifting! If you're here to preach morals, enjoy your very brief stay. If you're here to learn and share, please help contribute to our wonderful community of allegedly corrupt and soulless individuals.


Rule 1: Moralizing: Posts & Comments Reported as: Moralizing. Stealing is bad, we get it. Nothing else needs to be said about it, and we are alright with the morality of our actions.

Violation is a Permanent Ban.

Rule 2: Racism/Discrimination: Posts & Comments Reported as: Racism/Discrimination. We will not tolerate any comments that support racist ideals. Pointing out discrimination is fine, blatant racism is not.

Violation is a Permanent Ban.

Rule 3: Scamming/Fraud: Posts & Comments Reported as: Scamming. This is NOT a sub for scamming. Digital scams (amazon/ebay fraud, etc), are not tolerated on this sub and will be removed.

Violation is a 7 day ban.

Rule 4: Shitposting Posts Reported as: Shitposting. Memes/stock photos of stupid shit with titles like 'didn't even have to conceal!' Really just posts generally meant for humor rather than anything actually related to lifting.

Violation is a 3 day ban.

Rule 5: Lack of Info: Lack of Info Haul posts are postings lacking essential information or clarity.

Also, all posts must now include a short description on how the items was lifted.

Violation is removal of post.

Rule 6: Advocating Violence: Advocation violence is unacceptable. We might have criminal intent, but there is no desire to physically harm another person.

Violation is a Permanent Ban.

Rule 7: Follow Reddiquette. Any post in violation of reddiquette, especially brigading, witch-hunting, vote manipulation, flamebaiting or intentional rudeness will be removed. Harassment of others is strictly forbidden. We will not tolerate any kind of incitement to action or hate speech against anyone. In short, don't be an asshole.

Your post will either be removed, or you will be banned, depending on the severity of the infraction.

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Common Terms

  • LP = Loss Prevention
  • AP = Asset Protection
  • S3 = S3 Handkey, used for removing SpiderWrap.

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