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> ##The Short Film Subreddit. >Post links to quality short films
>that can be watched online.
>Want to post an amateur short or student film?
>Here isn't really the place for that,
>but try (the somewhat similarly titled) /r/shortfilm!

>Check out the /r/shortfilms and /r/shortfilm multireddit!

> ##Rules >1. Anything that doesn't adhere to these rules will be removed. Report anything in breach of the following: >2. Video links only. No images, articles, blog posts or memes. >3. Rule of thumb: Make sure your post fits the definition stipulated by the Academy. >4. No crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo etc.) This is not the place to promote your project. >5. Don’t post trailers. Only post completed shorts. >6. Don't post adverts. >7. Don't post music videos (try /r/musicvideos). >8. Don't mention whether or not you have any affiliation with the film/film makers in the title. You can add these details in the comments, but moreover, you are again reminded that /r/shortfilm exists for student films. Consider whether or not this is the place to post your short. If you include first person pronouns ("I", "Our, "My" etc.) in your title your post will probably be removed. >9. Don’t ask for views/upvotes/a critique in the title. >10. Manipulative/editorialised titles will be removed. >11. No 48 Hour Films. Only post polished, quality shorts. >12. INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE SHORT IN YOUR TITLE!!! Ideally include additional information such as the year/country of origin/director/genre/a basic plot description/runtime and so on.

> ##Title Format
> > Examples of a good title are as follows:
>1. Un Chien Andalou – (1929) Classic surrealist short film by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali
>2. Paperman – Disney's Academy Award winning animated short from 2012 [6:32]
> Examples of bad titles:
>1. Just a video I made yesterday afternoon.
>2. Check out this hilarious short film!

> ##Filter Films by Genre >> Action and Adventure Animation/Cartoon/Anime Art Films Biopic Comedy Crime Documentary Drama Educational Experimental Exploitation Film Noir Gay & Lesbian Horror Instructional Musical Mystery Parody Period & Historical Romance Sci-Fi & Fantasy Surreal Thriller War Western World Cinema Amateur Films * Genre-Defying

> ##Guidelines >> POSTING GUIDELINES
Not rules, but strongly encouraged nonetheless: Post amateur shorts/films you have made yourself over at /r/shortfilm. This sub is primarily for polished, "professional" films. The /r/shortfilm community are more than happy to critique your short. If you really want to post your short here then please read through the rules and guidelines before posting. Keep your titles factual, dispassionate and relevant. Allow the film to be judged on its own merits and try not to editorialise or appeal to emotion when titling. Link directly to the source (Youtube, Vimeo etc.). Don't link to blogs or embedded versions. If you've followed all these rules and guidelines and your link hasn't appeared, don’t panic! The spam filter can be a little overzealous and remove perfectly good content. If your submission hasn't appeared then shoot the mods a message.
COMMUNITY GUIDELINES Be polite and civil. If you spot anything that is in breach of the posting rules then hit that report button. Ideally message the mods to say why as well. * Upvote enthusiastically. It's the community that curates the content on Reddit so make your votes count!

> ##Recommended Subreddits >> /r/shortfilm /r/MusicVideos /r/trailers /r/fullmoviesonyoutube /r/BadMovies /r/CinemaNews /r/moviescirclejerk /r/truefilm /r/ObscureMedia /r/Documentaries /r/curiousvideos * /r/mealtimevideos

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