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This subreddit is for photos, stories, requests, challenges, hookups, or other discussions regarding male feminization, humiliation or sissification.

Please Post Personal ads to!

Cross dressing, humiliation, submission, male bisexuality, men in panties, small penises and so forth are all welcome here.

No Blogspam or attempting to redirect attention to other subs, forums, tumblers, etc We've built a great community here, let's continue.

Stop spamming Foxhube We'll remove any post with links from that site without concern, and you'll receive an only warning. Then, the banhammer if you continue to spamming.

No Pandering for Upvotes!! Ex. - Chastity for every vote, 100 likes and I'll... Violators will be banned without warning.

Do Not Downvote Personal Photos!

If you don't like a particular pic, simply don't upvote it. Remember, we're trying to encourage people to post!

Anyone stating they are under 18 years of age will be permanently banned!

What is a Sissy: A sissy is a biological male who craves a submissive, emasculated status as a sexual fetish. Many play alone, and are "in-the-closet". Most desire to be used and humiliated by dominant men (frequently termed "admirers"), either online or in real-life situations.

Posts appealing to female mistresses or female doms should go to /r/cuckold, /r/femdom/ or /r/femdomhumiliation.

Questions and suggestions are welcome! Message the moderator or give me a shout on Yahoo messenger. I am dildocd on there.

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