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This sub is is meant to be a gathering place for technically minded people of all stripes.

Rules -

  1. This sub is intended to be a place where people come to learn, or teach.
  2. Sponsored content must be marked as such.

  3. Users are strongly encouraged to submit posts for technical assistance. /u/datums personally guarantees that all possible resources will be mobilized to provide assistance if necessary.

  4. Posts requesting career advice are also encouraged.

  5. Don't be an asshole.

  6. Re-posts less than a month old will be removed.

  7. Don't expose content creator's user names.

  8. The Skookum community will not participate in the development of weapon systems. This excludes devices of a legal sporting or ornamental nature, ie. blades, firearms, archery equipment etc.

  9. No swearing until April 1

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