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Rules -

  1. This sub is intended to be a place where people come to learn, or teach. But shit that's just funny is also okay, as long as it's topical.

  2. If you want to post an image, you must also post a comment explaining what we're looking at, with as much detail as possible. Funny shit is exempt from this rule.

  3. Users are strongly encouraged to submit posts for technical or career assistance. /u/datums personally guarantees that all possible resources will be mobilized to provide assistance if necessary.

  4. Don't be an asshole. Also, revealing people's user names counts as being an asshole.

  5. Re-posts less than a month old will be removed.

  6. The Skookum community will not participate in the development of weapon systems. This excludes devices of a legal sporting or ornamental nature, ie. blades, firearms, archery equipment, etc.

  7. If you are planning to do something potentially dangerous outside of your area of expertise, please post about it here beforehand for review.

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