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Skullgirls: It's Showtime!

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  • ^^10.10.2016 ^^List ^^of ^^streams ^^added ^^to ^^sidebar

  • ^^05.01.2016 ^^New ^^2016 ^^FAQ ^^released, ^^banner ^^changed

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  • ^^06.10.2015 ^^Started ^^weekly ^^art ^^threads ^^to ^^refocus ^^on ^^gameplay

  • ^^05.20.2015 ^^Changed ^^banner ^^and ^^sidebar ^^for ^^robofortune

  • ^^03.30.2015 ^^Un-fancied ^^the ^^sidebar ^^for ^^better ^^link ^^visibility

  • ^^03.20.2015 ^^Modified ^^link ^^flair ^^for ^^better/more ^^choices

  • ^^02.15.2015 ^^Changed ^^banner ^^for ^^newest ^^characters

  • ^^01.21.2015 ^^Changed ^^side-images ^^for ^^self ^^& ^^NSFW ^^posts

  • ^^01.15.2015 ^^Added, ^^"lifebar ^^portrait," ^^flair

  • ^^01.05.2015 ^^New ^^beginner's ^^FAQ ^^created

  • ^^01.04.2015 ^^Revamped ^^styling; ^^new ^^bg+banner

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