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Skyrim Porn

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/r/SkyrimPorn is a community for showing off the wonderful aesthetics of Skyrim. Be it modded or vanilla, PC or console, screenshot or video, all is welcome here.

Things that are specifically encouraged include:

  • Scenic landscapes

  • Intriguing places and things

  • Your own character!

  • Gore

  • Cool things in general. Just about everything in Skyrim are nice to look at.

  • Anything you happen find aesthetically pleasing


  1. This sub is for screenshots only! Don't post things that would fit better over at /r/skyrim & /r/skyrimmods.

  2. If you have the time, please post the relevant mods used in your screenshot in the comments of your post.

  3. This sub is not for NSFW content. Post/browse over at /r/NSFWSkyrim for that. However, tasteful nudity is allowed.

  4. If possible, try and come up with an original title for your screenshot! This is obviously not mandatory, but it helps for a nicer aesthetic.

  5. Please try and put your ENB / PC SPECS in your flair. This helps to give other people an idea of whether their system can run the mods you are showing.

  6. We only allow original content. You must only post screenshots you have taken yourself.


If possible, try to hide your UI before taking your screencap, unless the UI is important to show a detail or context. You can do this by going to Settings>Display and turning the UI opacity down, or typing "tm" into the console. We recommend you use Flickr or Imgur to host pictures because they are the most friendly with reddit and RES.

Re-hosting images on imgur or minus is strongly encouraged. Steam's servers work okay, but imgur and minus have added convenience and functionality such as in-line image viewing with RES.

If for some reason your post contains a spoiler, use the tag:

[SPOILER HERE](/spoiler)

When used correctly: SPOILER HERE

NOTE If you don't allow this subreddit to show you custom layouts and styles, the spoiler tag won't prevent you from seeing spoilers. You've been warned.

ALSO NOTE Using RES Nightmode may cause problems with the stylesheet and will prevent you from seeing the Banner and other things

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