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Sleeping Giants of Reddit

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Submission Guidelines:

Sleeping Giants is an organization that alerts advertisers to the fact that they're advertising on Breitbart. This subreddit is dedicated to letting advertisers know that their content is on Reddit's most notorious subreddits. Here's how to be a Sleeping Giant of Reddit:

  1. Find a post or comment that is violently racist, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, etc. It must be at least one day old. Report the post, and do not downvote it.
  2. Archive the permalink using, and post it here. Do not link the comment, and do not downvote or report comments that others have posted.
  3. Take a screenshot of an ad next to that content.
  4. Tweet the screenshot to the company with a polite, non-offensive note to notify them of the placement.
  5. In the comments, post links to your tweets so we can keep track of the advertisers.
  6. Retweet as many of the tweets in the comments as you can!

General Rules:

  1. Civility and Courtesy are required at all times. Hate speech is not tolerated and will result in a ban.
  2. NP links are required for all reddit links.
  3. Trolls will be banned and will not receive any warnings or appeals.
  4. Open discussion is encouraged. You do not have to agree to post here, but you must be willing to discuss and defend your position.
  5. Moderators have the final say.


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