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Stamper Oney 'Pebbles

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Pals n' Partners

  • /r/NormalBoots - A pile of talented dudes who make shit all day! It’s like a pile of kittens, but cuter!

  • /r/Cinemassacre - James n’ Mike play games n’ make films n’ stuff!

  • /r/NinjaSexParty - A couple of dudes who rock harder than a room full of boners!

  • /r/JonTron - Jon M. Tron was born into a mixed-race family, and now does some JonTronShow thing!

  • /r/ContinueShow - Some of our local niggas with a cool show. One of them has girl AND guy parts…guess who!

Rulez Korner

  • Basic Introduction to the Subreddit by Oney

  • Don't forget to be respectful of each other and the SleepyCabin dudes.

  • Posting unrelated stuff such as OneyPlays or Gamegrumps will just be deleted.

  • That's about it, let's keep this subreddit about SleepyCabin content and discussions about SleepyCabin content.

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