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"Social Justice"

  • Tired of seeing a man driven to tears on a historic day for science and astronomy because he was wearing the wrong kind of shirt?

  • Confused that someone is forced into resignation after a social media campaign that believes certain out-of-context comments were "sexist?"

  • Annoyed when a group of people insist there is no such thing as a well-toned body due to hard work, and imply that suggesting it is akin to oppression?

  • Fed up when people use their "activism" as a shield to make themselves immune from criticism or accusations of wrongdoing?

You're in the right place. This subreddit's mission is to discuss, engage with, and thwart this hateful rhetoric.

Social Justice Warrior

^^n. A keyboard warrior (see: slacktivist) generally from an affluent background who operates under the pretense of Social Justice, while in reality espousing a form of retributive justice. Tribalism is common, as is social cannibalism for the crime of apostasy (determined by each individual based on their feelings). Narcissistic and sociopathic traits are common.


  1. Global Reddit rules are in effect at all times. Familiarize yourself with them here.
  2. Posts must be about social justice in action, as the sub name implies. This includes, but is not limited to, applied intersectional feminism, speech codes being implemented to restrict the "offensive," initiatives for "diversity" that make no sense, unfounded accusations of bigotry, microaggressions, etc.
  3. Links to Reddit, in posts or comments, must use the no-participation domain (
  4. Comments or posts which promote unironic bigotry (for example, using slurs for the purpose of disparaging others) are subject to removal. Similarly, links to supremacist sites will be removed. Users that frequently post such comments or repeatedly link to such sites will be banned.

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