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Social media sluts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

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/r/SocialMediaSluts welcomes compromising, sexually suggestive, partially or fully nude photos and videos from all social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.


  1. No underage content

  2. If you'd like to post yourself, you must message the mods to receive verified flair! This is done for your protection. If someone was posting here claiming to be you, you would want to know why they were allowed to do that.

  3. Do not state or ask for the account name or personal information of users from personal social networks. This is meant to prevent allegations of doxxing. You can ask for more content featuring them, this is fine. This restriction does not apply to users from pro-am/pro social networks and public figures (at least 15,000 followers) from personal social networks. If in doubt as to whether someone is considered a public figure, err on the side of caution.

Multiple violations of these rules will result in a ban.

Please start your post titles with one of the following tags, each corresponding to a social network:

  • [FB] - Facebook
  • [T] - Twitter
  • [IG] - Instagram
  • [SC] - Snapchat
  • [t] - tumblr
  • [G+] - Google+
  • [MS] - Myspace
  • [VK] - VK, previously VKontakte
  • [V] - Vine
  • [PB] - Photobucket
  • [FL] - FetLife
  • [DA] - DeviantArt
  • [MM] - Model Mayhem
  • [Z] - Zivity
  • [YT] - YouTube
  • [VSCO] - VSCO.CO
  • [DEP] - Depop

If you'd like to submit a post from a social network not on this list, please contact the mods.

For personal social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, tumblr, Google+, Myspace, VK, Vine, Photobucket, FetLife) always rehost the content on another image/GIF/video host. (See the next section for recommendations.) This is meant to prevent allegations of doxxing and content expiration/deletion. For pro-am/pro social networks (DeviantArt, Model Mayhem, Zivity, YouTube) you can either rehost or link directly, though rehosting is preferred against risk of content expiration/deletion.

If you want to ... | Without registration | With registration :--|:--|:-- Upload a single image | SLiMG^ , Picgur, ImgRush, Vidble, VoatPic, anonmgur, Imgur | SLiMG^ , Picgur, Vidble, Minus, Imgur Upload an image album | SLiMG^ , ImgRush, Vidble, Imgur | SLiMG^ , Picgur, Vidble, Minus, Imgur Upload a GIF (No conversion) | SLiMG^ , Picgur, Vidble, VoatPic, anonmgur | SLiMG^ , Picgur, Vidble, Minus Upload a GIF (With conversion to Flash/HTML5 video) | SLiMG^ , ImgRush, Gfycat, vidme, SLiMG^ , Imgur | Gfycat, vidme, Imgur Upload a video (Including Vine videos) | ImgRush, vidme | Minus, vidme

* Previously known as Slimgur and Slimgr. GIFs below 1 MB remain unconverted, those above are converted to Flash/HTML5 video.

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