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Solving A858

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This subreddit is dedicated to solving the /r/A858DE45F56D9BC9 mystery.

Please participate in positive ways to help discover the purpose of A858.

Rule #1

> This is not a witch hunt. A858 has done nothing wrong, we are not trying to track him or anyone else down. Any posts attempting to do so will be removed.

Rule # 2

> Posts should be related to A858 in some way. Other ARGs should be posted on /r/Solving_Reddit_Codes (be sure to read and follow their rules).

Rule #3

> Don't try to impersonate A858 by using a similar name.

Rule #4

> Read the wiki before posting. If you have a "discovery" that is already well known, the post will be removed.

Rule #5 (Under Review)

> Do not make hypothesis posts without evidence. If you really like, you can post these to /r/Hypothesizing_A858 instead. >

Reddit's rules and reddiquette also apply here.

See a post breaking the rules? Report it or send a message to the moderators.

Useful tools and links

-A858 Wiki

-CHAT #A858 Freenode IRC

-Auto-Analysis and Log


-Reddit Metrics

-Reddit Investigator


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