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Song Stems

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Songstems is a place for Reddit to post and share song stems, wherever you may find them.

For those who don't know, "stems," also known as multitracks, are individual sections of a track. For example, there is a separate stem for vocals, strings, synths, etc. They are simply the channels bounced down to audio files.

Filter out requests


Sharing stems, acapellas or instrumentals?

  • Format it as: Artist Name - Song Name (Acapella/Instrumental if applicable)

  • Youtube, and other streaming sites are not allowed. Please only share direct links to file sharing sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Mediafire.

Thinking of requesting something?

  • Format it as: "[REQUEST] Artist Name - Song Name

  • Please consider the likelihood of other users having what you're looking for. Before asking for something:

  • Search this subreddit for it

  • Determine if it has ever been officially or non-officially released: Can you find any trace of it ever being on the internet?

If not, please refrain from submitting unreasonable requests.

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• /r/inthestudio

• /r/freesounds

• /r/isolatedvocals

• /r/instrumentals

| | | | Great places to find stems:

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Official Policy on Stem Trading:

Making a request to trade or submitting a post with the sole intention of trading is not allowed. If you make a connection in the comments section or through PM and end up making a trade because of it, that is at your own discretion, we will not condemn it.

Soliciting, harassing, or otherwise upsetting the peace is still a punishable offence. Attempting to sell stems will result in an immediate ban.

All trades are at your own risk. It is your responsibility to avoid scammers and ensure a fair and friendly deal.

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