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"Let Me Guide You!"

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Welcome to /r/SorakaMains!

"By the power of the stars."


  • All posts must be related to Soraka

  • Be polite. Any unnecessarily rude comments will be removed. Sarcasm is okay in moderation--use the /s tag to let people know you're just pulling their leg!

  • Some people will disagree with certain strategies or builds, and that's okay! Please defend your suggestions with sound logic. Avoid ad homonyms.

  • Please keep all PBE balance changes or other related content (skins, reworks) to the PBE changes megathread in the future. If there are changes, but no megathread, please message the moderators and we will set one up. Any other threads posted which are dedicated to this content will be removed.

  • No advertisements unless express permission has been granted by a mod. Sometimes there are specific posts dedicated to advertisements, so look for those first!

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