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Source PornMaker - SFM Porn

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A NSFW subreddit for all things Source Film Maker. Share models, maps, images, GIF's, short movies, anything! We also have a subverse on Voat

We also have a joint Discord Server with /r/SFM. Check it out

What is SourcePornMaker? This is a subreddit for all things related to the NSFW side of Source FilmMaker.

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Thanks to SFMSnip for the Footer image and MyztSFM for the Sidebar image

Websites for Downloading Models/Maps/etc.

List of SFM Artists

SFM Artists with BitTorrent Sync Keys

Photo's on Banner:

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General Rules:

  1. When submitting anything whether it be an Animation, an Image, a Model, etc, try and put the creator in the title | | For example "Nude Shepard - [Creator]"
  2. Anyone can post anything | | If it's your own or if you didn't make it, you can still post it. Just remember credit must be given
  3. Spam will be removed | |
  4. No links to SFM animations that contain characters below 18 | | This is a site-wide rule
  5. Only submit animations that are made in Source FilmMaker | | Any other will be removed

General F.A.Q's

Check out the dedicated Wiki page. If a question is missing, send the mods a PM and we can update it

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