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Womble's Random Bullshittery

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Just released! Random Mount & Blade Warband Bullshittery


This is the subreddit of the internationally celebrated Youtuber SovietWomble.

NOT the show The Wombles, that's a totally different sub.

"Just who is this Womble person?", you might ask. Simply put, we just don't know. He may not exist. But you can learn about all the things we know so far HERE.


  1. | Make sure your post is related to Womble, the ZF Clan. ---|--- 2. | No personal information regarding any ZF or community member is to be shared, or anything relating to it. 3. | Do not invade, or even joke of invading, Womble's, or any ZF member's privacy, including DDoSing. 4. | Have proper reddiquette. 5. | No begging for the TS IP or asking for Womble to play with you. 6. | No posts asking for random bullshittery in game. 7. | Please confine "which video" questions to the stickied thread. 8. | Fan-made video submissions will be reviewed and may be removed if mods feel they do not belong here. 9. | Twitch clips will also be reviewed and may be removed if mods feel they do not belong here. 10. | No links to stolen videos. 11. | No 'Found in subreddit' shitposts. 12. | No 'Womble Vs. ______' posts.

More Womble

Twitch Schedule

Day | Time(s) ---|--- Monday - Friday | 11am-3pm / 8pm-10pm GMT Saturday - Sunday | Sporadically on and off.


ZF Clan

ZF currently hosts servers dedicated to the following games/mods:

  • Space Engineers (kinda, not really)
  • Rust
  • Ark: Survival Evolved

Other games may come and go, but for now, those are the constantly available selections. You can find information on how to join said servers by visiting Womble's Twitch profile and scrolling down or by visiting the ZF Clan site.

You can also join in on the ARMA III missions that occur by visiting the FK Forum for details.

Please remember that if you join the ZF Teamspeak, it is strictly 18+.

And finally, if you need moar ZF:


If your post is removed by the auto moderator just wait, one of the mods will come along and approve it. DO NOT delete the post!

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