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Space Buckets – DIY indoor gardeners

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This is the home of the Space Buckets movement: we are a community of DIY indoor gardeners with a knack for LEDs and bucket containers. Join our subreddit! Start here, and read the SB Manifesto.

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Make your garden!

Follow the subreddit guidelines:

  • Show off! Bucket ideas, bucket builds and bucket plants are welcome.
  • Post details! Provide pictures and as much info as possible.
  • Read up! Use the search and study your problem beforehand.
  • Be patient! Remember we were all beginners at one point.
  • Be thorough! Thrive to elevate the level of discussion.
  • No bucket selling! This forum is not a marketplace.
  • And finally: have bucket fun!


  • Visit /r/HandsOnComplexity for amazing plant and LED guides.
  • SB illustrations made by artist Edward Tuckwell.

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