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> This subreddit is intented for educational talk about Spanish-language matters.

> For any Spain-related issues try /r/es or /r/Spain.

> #Flairs

> Green: Native speakers only. Blue: Learners or non-native speakers only. Orange: Heritage speakers only. Gold flair: Reserved for people with a Spanish-related degree or major. Apply for a Gold flair by submitting proof to the mods. Here's how.

> All flairs are editable to include details about your level, region or any other relevant information. Please do not include false information.

>#Subreddit Features

> Online resources and guides

> Spanish Practice Thread


> #Rules 1. Be respectful. If someone makes a mistake, feel free to correct them in a respectful manner. Do not discriminate or make remarks about dialects, races, religion, gender, etc. 2. Homework help and proofreads must be requested in /r/Spanishhelp. If posted here, the thread will get locked/removed at mods' discretion, but it's encouraged to repost in SpanishHelp. For translations, please visit /r/translator. 3. All inquiries must be public. Soliciting help through private messages is not allowed. * Do not PM other users asking for private help, unless agreed beforehand. * Do not make threads offering AMAs or private lessons, unless you have specific knowledge in a certain field or specialty. * Do not make threads asking for help to cheat in an exam. Your post will be promptly removed. * Do not message the mods with inquiries. Make a post or use the comments section. * If you want someone to practice with through Skype or other private services, try posting in /r/LanguageBuds or /r/language_exchange. 4. Links must be relevant to this sub. Please add a brief explanation about why it's a helpful or educational resource for speakers or learners. Solely being written, recorded or streamed in Spanish will not be taken as a valid reason per se. Self-promotion links are allowed under certain conditions.

># Guidelines Provide useful context and avoid ambiguous post titles. To get accurate answers, be as specific as you can and indicate the dialect, country or region, if you know it. This sub is not a dictionary or a translation service. Avoid asking what one simple word means unless it's a very specific or technical term. When commenting in Spanish, take care of your spelling, grammar and punctuation (this includes full accents) as others might be paying close attention to your comments and the way you're using the language. * Please do not spread misinformation about the language and don't offer advice beyond your own knowledge.

># Accents for easy access

>|||||| |:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:| |Á|É|Í|Ó|Ú| |á|é|í|ó|ú| |Ü|ü|Ñ|ñ|¿ ¡|

> #Related Subreddits List of subreddits in Spanish (curated by this sub) /r/languagelearning: General discussion about language learning. /r/linguistics: Languages from a scientific point of view. /r/translator: For all your translation needs. * /r/JudgeMyAccent: A place to submit an audio and receive feedback on your pronunciation, accent, etc.

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