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SF, fantasy, post-apocalypse, and other genre visual arts

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SF, fantasy, post-apocalypse, and other genre visual arts

Explore the visual aspects of imagined worlds. All speculative visual arts are welcome, from space vistas to fantasy landscapes to ruined cities to psychedelic paintings to dreaded monsters to f'ing dinosaurs!

Painting, drawing, illustration, computer art, sculpture, manipulated photography, models, and more are all welcome. Inspiring, awesome, and speculative is the name of the game.

Posting Guidelines

  1. Reposts are allowed, but only if the original post is at least 3 months old, and not currently in the top 50 submissions of all time.

  2. Links to the original source, deviant art, reddit's upload feature, or imgur are preferred (in that order).

Links to articles/blogs discussing Speculative Art are also welcome, as are self posts.

  1. You may post your own work, but it must be tagged [OC] and you may not otherwise call out that it is your work in the title or otherwise fish for upvotes.

Please do not post links to your own blog hosting other artists' work unless there is some original content there not found elsewhere on the internet that does not constitute copyright violation.

  1. Please add the artist's name to your post title when available.

If you don't know the name of the artist you can use one of the following websites to find it:

Google: Reverse Image Search (camera icon) Reverse Image Search

Of course the name of the artist isn't always available when finding cool images on the web so please add the artists names in comments if missing from someone elses post.

  1. NSFW images must be tagged. r/UpvotedBecauseGirl-worthy content will be removed at mods' discretion.

Sample Artists

The artists responsible for the images from left to right on the r/SpecArt header are:

Jorik Dozy

Radoslav Zilinsky

Gloria Scholik

Gary Tonge

H.R. Giger

Chris Achilleos

Alex Grey

T.J. Frame

Andrew Hou

Josh Grafton

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