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Split Depth GIFS

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The place where you can make and share gifs with a false sense of depth commonly called Split Depth.


  • The GIF MUST be split by at least one line to create depth.

  • Links must be hosted on Imgur, Minus, Tumblr, or Gfycat, rehost if necessary.

  • Keep comments civil.

  • Posts that are not split depth GIFs will be marked as Off-Topic by the mods and must be self posts. The self post must contain a decent amount of writing, not just a single link and nothing else.

  • Please follow the Reddit Rules and the Reddiquette.

  • Moderators' decision is final.

How to Make a Split Depth GIF

^Courtesy ^of ^/u/L77

  1. Open it in Photoshop, find the animation toolbar.(Window➤Animation)
  2. Click on first frame in animation window and find the active layer in layers toolbar.
  3. Make a new, empty layer above active layer, draw the white lines in it.
  4. Copy the white lines layers above each frame. (about 50 additional layers in this GIF.)
  5. With eraser tool, remove white lines from parts where the object overlaps them.
  6. Make sure that the right white lines layer is activated for each frame. (the eye icon next to layer)

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