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A subreddit dedicated to modifying the stance of cars! All cars have a stance, even if it's stock! It's up to your interpretation if it's good or bad! Whether it's slammed, lifted, stretched, meaty, etc, it's all welcome! Share your ride, critique others, set up meets, or just simply ask for help/input on anything!

Our Rules:

  • When you make a post, take note that we are the 1% of the 1%. Realize you may be criticized.

  • We welcome critiques! But blatant hate and rudeness will not be tolerated. Please report any such activity.

  • Single images** must be rehosted on imgur. This is a convenience to RES users. Feel free to link to galleries or features. Flickr might be okay as well for your photographers and such. I'll look into the future of changing this.

  • Make an effort to** credit photographers and content owners within post titles or comments, even if it's your own car. Image watermarks will suffice.

  • Any content that is NSFW must be tagged as such.

  • Please don't come here to promote your site or blog. Posts that serve no purpose other than to promote your blog/site/facebook page will be removed on sight.

  • This is not a place to sell parts. Please do not make classified posts as we have no way of protecting buyers or sellers.

  • I know this is the internet so you can hate what you want, but we do not support any hostility towards /r/shitty_car_mods, we are supporters of that subreddit.

Messaging The Mods

If you believe that your post got caught in the spam filter or you have a general question, please message the Mods. If you encounter a post that you feel needs to be reported, please do report it. Questions or Suggestions? Send them our way! Feedback is always welcome.


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Some of our friends:

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  • /r/drifting

  • /r/carporn

  • /r/wheels

  • /r/Shitty_Car_Mods


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