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  1. Quality > Basic requirements and quality standards > > * URL shorteners are not allowed. > * Posts must be in intelligible English. > * Posts must link to the original source. > * Intentionally misleading posts are not allowed. > * Undue or unnecessary amounts of profanity is not allowed. > * Posts must include basic effort, and form a basis for discussion or interaction.

  2. Repetitive, Unrelated, Generic Content > Repetitive Content > > Reposts and frequently asked questions are not allowed. Search the subreddit before you post. > > Unrelated Content > > Posts must be about this subreddit, Steam, Valve, or the community surrounding them, or parties and features that interact with or relate to them in one way or another. > > General gaming-culture and game-specific posts are treated on a case-by-case basis. > > Generic Content > > This includes, but is not limited to the examples below: > > * Reviews > * Chat logs > * Store tags > * Rage comics. > * Reaction memes > * Game news feed > * Your typical Reddit meme > * 'Funny' system requirements > > Steam Servers > > We do not allow individual posts about the steam servers being down.

  3. Support > Support > > Do not create threads about personal support issues. > > This mainly includes, but is not strictly limited to: > > * Refund issues. > * Trading or market issues. > * Steam client or server issues. > * General crashes and game-specific issues. > * Account issues such as bans, hijackings, or Steam Guard. > > Asking if other people are experiencing an issue you are having is not allowed either. > > Please use the dedicated Community Support Thread.

  4. Bugs, Exploits > Bugs > > Do not post common bugs such as download speeds, empty news pages, grammar errors, pricing errors, etc. > > Exploits > > Do not post major exploits that could adversely affect or ruin experiences for others. > > Exploits that adversely affect Steam, a game, or the economy should not be shared, they should be reported to Valve here: > > Discussing how to bypass an intentional restriction, how to perform an exploit or abuse a bug is forbidden.

  5. Advertising, Self Promotion > Advertising > > Promoting Steam groups, game servers, subreddits, referral links, etc. is not allowed. > > /r/Steam is not a place to announce or discuss releases or updates of individual games. Use Steam's Community Hubs or a forum related to said games. > > Self Promotion > > Promoting something for financial gain is not allowed. > > Examples include a game you've developed, a website you earn money from, etc. Consider purchasing Reddit Advertising. > > Promoting tools, mods and other creations that you do not financially benefit from is allowed.

  6. Gambling, Scamming, Cheating, Phishing, Trading > Gambling, Scamming, Cheating, Phishing > > Do not perform or post about the following: > > * Scam or phishing attempts. > * Ask for or give trading or gambling advice. > * Link to gambling, scam, phishing or cheat sites. > * Accuse someone of scamming, cheating or phishing. > > Meta discussion on these topics can be allowed. > > Trading > > /r/Steam is not for trading, we suggest you use one of these subs instead: > > * r/tf2trade > * r/Dota2Trade > * r/SteamGameSwap > * r/SteamTradingCards > * r/GlobalOffensiveTrade

  7. Begging, Giveaways, Charity > Begging, Raffles > > Don't beg for free stuff; it doesn't matter if it's implied or not, there are other places for it. > > Giveaways > > Individual giveaways hosted by a single person are not allowed, instead consider sending what you are giving away to an active member of /r/Steam as a random act of kindness, or use one of the many other Subreddits that are dedicated to game giveaways: > > * /r/GiftofGames > * /r/PlayItForward > * /r/steam_giveaway > * /r/RandomActsOfGaming > > Off-site giveaways are allowed under the following conditions: > > * You must be guaranteed to receive your game. > * Off-site giveaways must be for Steam games only. > * Posting games that are always free is not allowed. > * There can be no chance involved in receiving your game. > * Draw/entry-based giveaways, competitions and raffles are not allowed. > * There cannot be any requirements or strings attached to receive your free game, except for creating an account on the website. > > Charity > > If you want to host a charity event you need explicit permission from the moderators.

  8. Game Advice, Asking For Friends > Game Advice > > Posts asking for advice on which games to buy, asking for help to find a game you forgot the name of, how to smartly spend your money on Steam games, etc are not allowed. > > Instead, post in the Game Suggestions thread that is usually pinned at the top of the subreddit. > > Search the subreddit for the Game Suggestions thread if it is not pinned, or to find previous Game Suggestions threads. > > Asking For Friends > > Posts asking for friends or people to game with are not permitted.

  9. Accusations, Witch Hunts > Accusations, Witch Hunts > > You need tangible evidence when accusing a party of wrongdoing. Baseless, vague, negligible, or implied accusations are not allowed. > > Submissions must solely focus on the wrongdoing of a party related to their presence on Steam or /r/Steam. > > Direct links are not allowed, and you must censor identifying information from screenshots (like usernames) unless it is essential to the post. > > It is best to contact the moderators before accusing a party of wrongdoing.

  10. Steam SSA/ToS, Reddiquette, Reddit Content Policy > Steam Subscriber Agreement > > We do not support breaking the Steam Subscriber Agreement. > > Do not post about methods of breaking it, such as how to use VPNs to bypass restrictions, methods and discussion of piracy, selling Steam accounts, etc. > > Reddiquette and Reddit Content Policy > > You must abide by the Reddiquette and the Reddit Content Policy.

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