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  1. NO Advertising Steam Groups or asking for friends
  2. NO Store tags and bad Greenlight examples
  3. NO Rage comics, memes and reaction images
  4. NO Pricing errors, idled playtime and group/profile/download speed glitches
  5. NO Scam, Phishing Bot and chat log screenshots
  6. NO Steam Down or status checks, read the sidebar
  7. NO Giveaways, Trading, Begging, and Coupon threads
  8. NO Threads about bad Steam reviews or guides, just report them
  9. NO Threads about issues with Steam. See the Weekly Support Thread
  10. NO Referral links of ANY kind, posting such links will result in an INSTANT ban
  11. NO Threads asking about what games to play/buy. See the Weekly Game Suggestions thread.
  12. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT: Moderators can remove or approve any thread at their own discretion.
  13. Avoid posting low-quality content, ask yourself how your post contributes to the community before submission.

A more detailed rule-book can be found here.

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