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/r/SST Wiki ^- ^Fucking ^Read ^it.

List of verified sources

Don't fuck up ordering from a source

Welcome to Steroid Source Talk! This board serves as a place where users can discuss steroid sources. We encourage our users to share their experiences and ask questions relating to steroid sources and their products.

New to SST? Read the wiki here!

Wanna learn how to buy bitcoin? Buying Bitcoin

New to steroids in general? Off to /r/Steroids with you! But please don't mention us for your own good (you'll be banned!)

Want information on other performance enhancing drugs (i.e. sarms)? Off to /r/peds where you can mention sources but cannot link to SST.

We have an IRC channel! Come chat!

Client info: Use /join #SST

Please note that the IRC channel is not a secure form of communication.


  1. Sources are required to read the Source Rule page in its entirety BEFORE posting. (click this rule to view).

  2. Shilling is strictly forbidden. Anyone found to be shilling will be banned. Inversely, anyone repeatedly attacking a source without reason will be banned at moderator discretion. Click here to learn more.

  3. Be nice to everybody. Seriously, it's been getting out of hand. Temporary bans will be handed out at the discretion of the moderators. If you create another account to circumvent this or continue your behavior after the ban, you will be permanently banned.

  4. Please refrain from posting anything negative if you are unaware of the subject at hand or are potentially giving out false information. Under no circumstances should a source be falsely accused of scamming or otherwise, if you believe something may be occurring please bring it to the Mods attention first!

  5. Share the wealth.

  6. Do not discuss or post images of a source's stealth methods.

  7. Put SERIOUS EFFORT into using the wiki and search bar before making a post. Your question has probably already been asked or can easily be answered with a little research. Bans WILL be handed out for this kind of laziness cluttering the board.

  8. Do not make new review threads about delivery, T/A, or to discuss how frequently a source answers emails. Please keep these kinds of posts in the weekly stickied thread, that's its main purpose.

  9. Do not post threads asking about research chemical companies. Their batches can be unreliable/inconsistent and should not be trusted for AI or SERMs. There are plenty of pharma grade sources here. Use outside RC companies at your own risk, but do not ask about them here. Your thread will be deleted.

  10. You must be at least 18 years of age to use this subreddit. Violators will receive a permaban.

  11. No personal information should ever be posted by anyone ever. This is a reddit-wide rule, but we would like to emphasize it here. Users who break this rule will be perma-banned. Sources will be perma-banned and blacklisted and will never be allowed back.

  12. Please refrain from asking about DNP. 99% of DNP related posts will get deleted. Violators will get a +5 day ban.

  13. There is zero tolerance policy regarding solicitation through private messages (PM). Users or sources found soliciting through PM will be banned.

  14. Childish name-calling, keyboard warrioring, dickmeasuring, riot inciting, witch hunting, tinfoil h'austists, ect. will all receive bans of commensurate length. Bullshit will not be tolerated.

  15. Users will not be permitted to sell or trade their stock to other users, so don't even ask.

  16. Threads MUST follow the posting format. Bans will be handed out in conjunction with rule 7. If you don't follow the posting format and/or decide to make 3 posts asking a stupid question that get automatically removed, you will be banned for spamming.


  18. [Review] threads MUST conform to the correct posting format. A proper [Review] thread should have some form of empirical evidence, either bloodwork or laboratory analysis, usually. Anecdotal reviews belong in the Anecdotal Review thread. Please post the name of the source and the test levels in ng/dl in the title with the product and weekly dosage, like so:

    **[Review] Dildo Labs Test E 500mg/wk 3500ng/dl**

This is the posting format that is required to be followed for [Review] threads

Posting format:

THERE ARE ONLY THREE TAGS THAT MEMBERS MAY USE. If you try to circumvent the tag system, you will be banned:

[Review], [Source Question], and [Testing Raws]

If you are submitting a review, use [Review] in the title. Bloodwork is required. Please include the relevant value of the test (i.e. test level) and ester in the title in addition to the source. Non-blood reviews belong in the anecdotal thread.

If you have a question about whether a source is MIA, if you have a missing pack and a source is unresponsive via email and you're not worried enough to contact the mods but you want to see if other users are having similar issues, use [Source Question]. If you use this tag to ask a dumb question that can be answered by looking at the Source's last post or wiki, you will be banned.

Search Reviews

If you are talking about the raws being tested use [Testing Raws]

If you are a source and have been assigned Source flair from the mods via modmail and want to start a thread, use [Source]

There isn't a good way to search this, sorry.

Thanks to /u/ScorpionDNP for automating a lot of mod functionality

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