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I just wanna go fast

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The reversal of Tolerance

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Need a place to shamelessly turn simple ideas into walls of text? Just taking a break from a marathon fap session? Curious about dosages, drug interactions and such? Great! This is a place for all things stims!

We're all for having fun and swapping crazy stories. However, we are a harm reduction community that values safety and productive advice/information.

Healthy speeding is happy speeding.

Looking for help quitting stimulants? Or maybe just more serious stim discussion? Click the button below



A Few Rules
  • No drug solicitation
  • No sourcing
  • No mentioning vendor names
  • No drug identification
  • You must be 18+ to use this sub
Drug Verification Methods
  • EcstasyData USA
  • Energy Control Spain
  • You can also use Reagent Testing which you can read up on in this sub /r/ReagentTesting
Very Informative ISCD FAQs
/r/Drugs and its AMAs
Helpful Links
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