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To provide short and mid term trade ideas, analysis and commentary for active investors.

Equities, Options, FOREX, Futures, Analyst upgrades and downgrades, technical analysis and fundamentals are all welcomed topics.


If you are new to the markets, I strongly suggest you go to /r/investing to learn the ropes.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Preferred format: Ticker - News or observation
  2. Post about market moving stocks or sectors. Low effort posts eg just a link to external site will be removed.
  3. Post news or links to news items that are moving the market or individual stocks. News item should be from a reputable source
  4. Post your opinions and analysis on stocks, bonds, futures and ETFs with the reasons why you like them
  5. Be respectful of your fellow traders and investors, remember your reddiquette and site wide rules on self promotion
  6. No penny stock pumps, yes, we can spot them easily
  7. Must know what Melissa Lee was wearing today.

If not Melissa Lee, then Margaret Brennan.

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Note: Nothing posted here by any redditor should be construed as investment advice. Don't be stupid! If you need serious investment advice, contact a financial adviser!

Subreddits We recommend

If you need any advice or information on mid to long term investing, please visit:

  • /r/investing
  • /r/personalfinance
  • /r/finance

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