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Netflix's Stranger Things

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Stranger Things

The disappearance of a young boy sparks a chain of events leading the residents of the small town of Hawkins to uncover a government conspiracy and a supernatural mystery which will not only shatter all semblance of normalcy, but also threaten their very existence.

This is a SubReddit for the Netflix Original Series Stranger Things.

Created By: Matt & Ross Duffer


1. Don't spoil things
2. Don't be rude or a bully
3. All submissions must be about the Netflix series Stranger Things. Memes must include an element from the show.
4. Don't link to streaming sites or pirated content
5. No commercial posts and/or self promotion

  Detailed and additional rules can be found on the Wiki. For frequently asked question see our FAQ Wiki page  


  • Please be kind and do not spoil anything for others.

  • Episode discussions do not require spoiler text to be used except when discussing future episodes.

  • Only time spoilers are allowed is if you mark your post with the episode number and use a [Spoiler] tag in your title.

  • If referencing an episode, please place episode number in title.

If your comment includes a spoiler, please use spoiler code I'm a spoiler

> Spoiler Format: [text](/spoiler)

Episode Discussions

Season 1 Episode Discussions

Season 2:

> Ep. #| Title ---|---- 2.1 | MADMAX 2.2 | Trick or Treat, Freak 2.3 | The Pollywog 2.4 | Will the Wise 2.5 | Dig Dug 2.6 | The Spy 2.7 | The Lost Sister 2.8 | The Mind Flayer 2.9 | The Gate


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David Harbour (Chief Hopper)

Glennellen Anderson (Nicole)

Peyton Wich (Troy)

Ross Partridge (Lonnie Byers)

Catherine Dyer (Agent Frazier)

Randy Havens (Mr. Clarke)

Matty Cardarople (Keith)

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