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StruggleFucking: We were /r/rape but they took it without consent...

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For everyone who prefers to take without asking. A sub for rape fantasy hardcore porn.

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  • Direct links only

  • No real rape. Real rape=instant ban

  • Any link or submission may be removed at the mods' discretion.

  • No BDSM. Play "naughty slave" elsewhere.

  • No cartoons or anime.

  • Use the flair "BlackJack" on vids with murder fantasies. If you see "snuff" just comment asking OP to add the "BlackJack" flair.

>###Banned domains

See our Wiki for a list of all banned domains.

If you're a typical good citizen of this sub then just ignore this shit, you'll be fine. I'm just spelling it out here so i can point it out to those very rare spammers that want to protest.

If you report a link, please, either comment or message us explaining why. It's basic reddiquette folks. The Report button is not a Super Downvote button. Help us help you.

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