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Sugar Pine 7, a Steven Suptic experience

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Welcome to /r/SugarPine7

The official subreddit for Sugar Pine 7. (AKA Suppy's Dumpster Boys or the oo wee pee pee daddy do me association)

If you would like to know more about SP7 or more about this subreddit then you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions


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| | :--|:--| 1.|Harassment or hate speech will not be tolerated.| 2.|Posts should be related to the SP7 boys or the Boys Only Club.| 3.|Respect SP7 members privacy and personal information.| 4.|No NSFW material, reposts or low quality posts.| |Posts below 50% upvoted will be deleted under Rule 4.| 5.|Keep posts about the latest video in its thread.| 6.|If you are posting a spoiler, put "[Spoiler]" in the title.| 7.|Don't post SP7, Cib or Boys Only Club videos, we (sometimes) have a bot.| 8.|No self promotion, unless you know in good faith it's related to SP7 or BOC.|

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