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Welcome to /r/Sukebei~

A home for cute anime girls who've lost their clothes.

There's beautiful sweet pure pornography posted every day on /r/sukebei.

  1. Particularly well-drawn erotic art of manga (or manga-style), anime, VN, JRPG, or video games characters is welcome, up to and not including explicit sex acts or genitals, excessive sexual fluids, heavy fetishism. No bad anatomy, no comedy size boobs, no photos, no lolis, drawn art only. Art that is merely fanservicey belongs in /r/pantsu, more hardcore than this definition belongs in /r/hentai, something that's just not what this subreddit is about will probably be OK in /r/ecchi. Moderation is subjective, borders are fuzzy, but removals are final.

  2. Please include the name of the source anime in your title. If you forget, add it in link flair. Label characters not from an established franchise as [Original].
    Link to the artist's official portfolio page in a comment, or if there is none available, at least mention their name.
    IQDB ^(Firefox /) ^(Chrome addons) and SauceNao^( addons) are great for finding the franchise title and artist.

  3. No reposts within four months or from the top 200. Check you're not reposting before every post.

  4. Quality over quantity. No more four posts per 24-hour period, no more than 12 pics per album. Make sure your albums are of the same franchise or follow a strong linking theme.

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