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About SuperShibe

"Shibe" pictures are pictures of Shiba Inus or other things with words pasted over them.


        such shibe            very format

  much learn

We're all here to have fun

Don't take this too seriously. Please follow these rules, and you're set!

  1. Posts shibeish content, metashibe or irlshibe should have as many wow's as possible.
  2. Don't post gore. Try and keep these posts SFW.
  3. Follow reddit's general rules, remember to not post personal information.
  4. For all image posts use imgur only.
  5. Avoid reposting as much as possible - Check out Karma Decay's /r/SuperShibe page right here:

Full reposting rules can be found further down on the sidebar

Content generators for all your shibe needs:

Mobile user?

Make sure to use the mobile-friendly version of the shibe maker over at

**To get red shibe text, start your text with 4+ spaces.

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Reposting Policy

^* To check any post for duplicates, you can click the link to Karma Decay from on the post page. Hover over link for details.

Please report posts that violate the 6-month reposting rule, and try your best not to repost. This subreddit is indexed by KarmaDecay, and us mods will easily be able to see if it is reposted content. If you repost content consistently and against a moderator's consent, you will be punished accordingly.

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