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Jiro's Nightmares

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This is a safe space for you to post the Sushi rolls and any sushi related stuff that aficionados would turn their noses up at! The weirder, the better. Are there drizzles of sauce all over the place? That's ok.

It can be quite beautiful, disgusting, or disturbing.

^Goop ^is ^ok!!

It's up to you!

The main thing is that you enjoy it.

Push the limits of what "Sushi" is.

Create Jiro's Nightmare!

This subreddit is not about mocking his perfection.

It's about exploring the sushi outside of that perfection.

Feel Free to Post:

  • Pictures

  • Recipes

  • Instructional Videos

  • Words of Advice

Be sure to visit /r/Sushi

This is not /r/FoodPorn or /r/Sushi. Pictures taken with potatocameras are welcome. Comedy is appreciated. Snobbery will get you BANNED.

Having a tummy ache?

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