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Sweaty Palms & That Tingly Feeling.

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Videos (and images) that make your palms sweat.

Rules (subject to extreme change, please pm me with hate mail if you dont like them.)

1) Videos and pictures of people climbing up high places or squeezing through tight spaces. Basically people doing anything that makes you uncomfortable because of where they are doing it. Look for examples of submitted content before submitting your own

2) No more pictures of things not directly related to things that aren't sweaty-palms inducing (ie pictures of spaghetti)

3) No porn

4) No being a dick in general (racism etc.)

5) No fake/staged/forced perspective images or videos if they have no sweaty palms inducing qualities. Some of them work, most of them don't. If I can tell it's fake, I'll probably remove it.

6) No reposts

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