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Sword or Sheath: The Game of Genders

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Post a picture with the tag [SoSh?] at the end of the post. Then, post two comments one saying sword, the other saying sheath.

Sword = Man, Sheath = Woman

Users upvote which one they think the answer is so there aren't a billion comments of the same thing. Also post a comment with the answer concealed by a spoiler tag, sources/proof should also be in spoiler tag.


 [Spoiler](#s "sword")


I will say again:THIS IS NOT A BULLYING SUBREDDIT. Hurtful comments or personal attacks will be moderated heavily and multiple violations will result in bans. No transgender people are to be posted on this subreddit. Doing so will result in the instant removal of the post and subsequent attempts will earn a ban. This is supposed to be a light-hearted game and will not be used as a tool for bullying.

Because of this, there will be no x-posts from, or containing material from /r/punchablefaces or /r/hittableFaces

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