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Sword or Sheath: The Game of Genders

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>sword = male

>sheath = female


  • Rule 1: You must post the answer in the comments.

Posts are removed if you do not post the answer in the comment section. Make sure the answer is obscured by a spoiler tag. Alternatively, you can post the answer as a link to an external source.

  • Rule 2: No spoilers

If your comment gives away the answer, it must be obscured by a spoiler tag so the answer is not immediately given away to other users.

  • Rule 3: Your post must have "[SoSh]" in the title.

Your post will be removed if it doesn't have a "[SoSh]" tag in its title.

  • Rule 4: extra "Sword" or "Sheath" comment are not allowed

If you comment just "Sword" or "Sheath" at all, it will be removed. Comments containing just "Sword" or "Sheath" are reserved for AutoModerator.

  • Rule 5: No low-quality or obvious posts

Obviously this rule is subjective, we generally won't moderate for this unless its really bad.

  • Rule 6: No posting of trans people, regardless if you're the person in the photo

This is a decision guided by trans members of the community. It is first and foremost out of respect for trans people and avoidance of this subreddit turning in to a hub for trans hate. It is also not in the spirit of the subreddit. This rule was discussed with subreddit users [here] (

sword spoiler tag:

[Spoiler](#s "sword")

Looks like: Spoiler

sheath spoiler tag:

[Spoiler](#s "sheath")

Looks like: Spoiler

THIS IS NOT A BULLYING SUBREDDIT. Hurtful comments or personal attacks will be moderated heavily and multiple violations will result in bans. No transgender people are to be posted on this subreddit. Doing so will result in the instant removal of the post and subsequent attempts will earn a ban. This is a light-hearted game and will not be used as a tool for bullying.

Because of this, there will be no x-posts from, or containing material from /r/hittableFaces

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