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This is place to share facts on ANY topic without censorship from oppressive mods.

Just make sure what you post is a fact!

Rules may come in future, but shall never be oppressive and never be without justification.

  • Rule 1) Include an accurate source link. No screenshots please.
  • Rule 2) Please include your fact(s) in the title as opposed to buzzfeed style clickbaits. Reader should be able to know what you are sharing without having to click on the link.
  • Rule 3) Please try to comply with all sitewide rules and redditquette.

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Don't forget to put TIL at the beginning of the posts.

Note: Things don't have to be censored from elsewhere to be posted here. Uncensored in the title only means that nothing is censored here.

This is not a right wing, or left wing pro or anti anything subreddit. All opinions are equally welcomed in the comments (posts need to be facts, not opinions). Don't worry about being banned for saying something, and don't expect others to get banned from here for saying something you dislike. The mods will be completely unbiased in moderation: anything's allowed as long it's true.

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