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Take One Step Forward

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/r/TakeOneStepForward FAQ

How do I get the URL of a Google Street View?

> For the Classic Google Maps, here is a QUICK GUIDE. For the New Google Maps, the URL is already located in the address bar.

How will others know whether I used the Classic or New Google Maps in my post?

> You have the option to add a flair to your post that either says "classic maps" or "new maps".

How do I know which version of Google Maps I used (Classic or New)? How can I switch from Classic to New Google Maps and vice versa?

> Here is a QUICK GUIDE that compares the interface between the two different versions of maps. It also shows how to switch from one version to another.

Why does nothing happen when I take one step forward in someone's post?

> There are several possible reasons: (1) the directions in the post's title were unclear, (2) you and OP used different versions of Google Maps, (3) the location has been updated by Google, (4) OP did not follow the rules of /r/TakeOneStepForward.


  • 1. Link posts should only be Google Street View.
  • 2. Self posts should only be Questions, Suggestions, or Announcements.
  • 3. All link posts should have a "classic maps" or "new maps" flair so others know which map you used in your post.
  • 4. All link posts should have screen caps in the comments from the link in case Google updates their links.
  • 5. Please stop naming your posts "Take One Step Forward". You only need to put in directions when it's more than one step or it's to the left/right/back.
  • 6. No spoilers in the titles, please.


    • /r/GoogleMaps

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